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  1. I think your are born with a certain amount of kindness. For example those who tend to be in caring kind of professions tend to be of a certain nature. However I think as parents we teach our children to show empathy and understanding and to care for others and pets etc.

  2. I think that the vast majority of people and animals are born kind and if they are then raised and nurtured in a kind and caring environment that will continue with them throughout their life. Sadly some people and animals do not have a kind and caring upbringing or something really awful happens to them and then, through no real fault of their own they find it hard to offer the kindness that they have never felt and indeed sometimes find it hard to accept it when offered. I also think that being kind is so rewarding, a little act of kindness on your part can make a huge difference to someone, you might not always know it, but sometimes they let you know, and at the end of the day most acts of kindness cost you nothing 🙂

  3. people can teach kindness because as you are babies you watch your parents and that teaches you to be kind and I do not think you can be born with kindness

  4. Every one can show kindness as it’s not a hard thing to do but unfortunatly some people are not kind but the people who are kind usally make the not so kind ones happy i think every one should be kind even if they have done bad things in the past you can always change

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