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Today I have sent home a newsletter to update everyone about what we have been doing in school over the past half term. It is quite a lengthy read: I wanted to give you as much detail as possible. If you have not received the newsletter yet, you can download a copy of it here: Letter to parents SPS and HF 5 Nov 2013

I look forward to seeing everyone at our forthcoming parents evenings.

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  1. Mrs Papas,

    Is there anyway that you could arrange a Parents’ workshop after school, since I work full time, so unable to come during the day.

    Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  2. Hello Nicki,

    Sorry that we were not able to arrange the workshops in the daytime this term. Next term we will run them in the evenings. We have tried to give as much notice as we could so that working parents can arrange to take a little time off work to attend, however, I know that for some parents this is not always possible.

    Best wishes


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