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  1. It could really change our lives because if we even had 1 golden egg each we could make a lot of money and you wouldn’t need to work !!!:) 🙂 🙂

  2. Thank you Ellie, an interesting thought! Although, what would happen if no-one then worked because we all had golden eggs? What would happen to schools? Shops? Buses?

  3. With no real eggs after a time there would be no chickens to lay eggs of any sort, and I for one would miss my cakes and scrambled eggs 🙂

  4. If chickens ALWAYS laid eggs, and EVERBODY had one, the value of the eggs would disappear, and MrsWalters I too am partial to a cake!!

  5. The question is: would the new eggs be as versatile as our beloved golden-yolked originals? Could we still have soufflés, omelettes and meringues; poached, boiled, scrambled, fried, coddled or baked eggs; eggs benedict, florentine or royale. At the very least, people would become much more likely to count their chickens and that can only be a good thing!

  6. If chickens laid golden eggs then it would be good for the less fortunate people because they could sell it to buy a shelter, some food and clothes. But if chickens laid golden eggs then it would ruin our economy because nobody would need to work because they would all be able to sell golden eggs to earn a lot of money.

  7. you can only imagine chickens laid golden eggs
    maybe you can have it in a dream sometimes.
    If it was real it might get some golden chicks.

  8. if chickens laid golden eggs we wold be rich and you could sell them to a shop you would get loads of money. and you could give them to poor people.

  9. It would change our lives as gold is very expensive and is worth lots of money . Chickens lay eggs all the time so we will have lots of money (if we sold them) and lots of gold eggs. but there is a couple of negative points to always having gold eggs like no scrambled eggs, no cakes, fried eggs and lots of other things that contain eggs we couldn’t have them.It would be great if we could have half of the chickens laying gold eggs and the other half laying real eggs….

  10. I think if chickens ever did lay golden eggs, it would certainly have a huge impact on our economy and gold value will go down, to the point where gold would be worthless, of no surprise to have and maybe it would be the normal to have gold in every household. This would be very bad for jewellery shops as sales of gold could possibly be non existent because of golden eggs, causing trouble for certain shops. As well, this would have an impact in our food choices as we wouldn’t be able to eat eggs; certainly causing trouble for people who don’t eat meat who rely on the protein in eggs.

  11. as long as it was just the shell we could give it to charities and use them in recipes. . use them to decorate and people will want chickens.

  12. well if we had golden eggs and didn’t have chickens then we wouldn’t have any cakes, pancakes ad lots of other things

  13. If chickens laid golden eggs no one would have eggs for breakfast and things that need egg as ingredients for cakes and cupcakes.

  14. If chickens laid golden eggs we wouldn’t have to work because we already have the money that we needed. After a while we wouldn’t buy anything because noone produce clothes, food.

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