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  1. I think that we know that things are real because, if I was at a museum, in our heads we can decide whether it is real or just a different one. In our heads we can work out the tiny details in the object to help us decide wether it is real or not, the tiny details are what matters.

  2. I don’t think that dreams are real because they are not happening when you are awake.
    I would also look on the computer or a book to find out if something is real.

  3. Hello Hollie. Thank you for your comment. How would what you thought in your head help you come to the decision that something is real or not? What criteria would you use?

  4. It Depends If It’s True Or A Lie If It’s A Lie Like A Uni-Corn It’s A Lie!!!
    So I Would Say…. If U Can Here,Touch,Smell,Taste Or Heard About It Being Real. It’s Real!

    By Sophie , Answering The Thought Of The Week.

  5. I think that ‘real’ is a feeling. Anything can be real if it makes you feel something.

    To add to what some have said about dreams…I think that a dream is a preview of something that could be real if we learned to use 100% of our brains. I, for example, have been known to suddenly appear in different places in my dreams. I’m sure teleportation will be possible in the not too distant future.

  6. I think “real” is different from “alive”. Something real can be intangible. Our thoughts are real and our beliefs are real. A dream is real if it’s something which motivates and inspires you. Whether or not you can achieve it is a different question.

  7. 4B also thought that you should use your senses to work out if something is real- if you can smell, hear, touch, taste and see it then 4B think it must be real.

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