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  1. Depends if I was choosing this for myself or on an animal…as I would choose wings for myself so I could fly to places I could not reach any other way and I would choose animals with tails so they can wag them and show me they are happy.

  2. i would choose wings,because i could spread them wide and go on adventures and see things iv,e never seen before.

  3. Personnaly I would choose wings so I could fly to Afghanistan to see my grand parents but I like the idea of tail because animals wag their tails when their happy

  4. I would chose wings because I would be able to explore the world where as with a tail, you would only be able to swing

  5. I like that different people have interpreted this differently. It made me think of a bird and whether I would prefer to be the wings using a lot of energy but driving the bird forward, or the tail being calm and steady but steering the bird in the right direction. I haven’t decided yet which I would rather be as in different situations I am both and can see the benefit of both,

  6. I would chose wings because you can just fly of any where and if your in a big huddle of people you can just fly away like in a line you can just fly to the front.

  7. I think wings are the best because you can explore the world and it seems much better but there are some negative sides

  8. well, i wouldn’t particularly choose ANY of them but if i really had to i would say wings. if i had wings that meant my parents would stop saying to me things like : ‘ oh, we can’t because we haven’t got enough money!’ but when you have wings you could just fly away any time you fancy! but there is a negative side, if you have wings and you fly a lot you could find your self getting out of breath in a short period of time.

  9. If you think about it more , you will see that nearly everyone chose wings so if you would chose tail you wouldn’t be like everyone!

  10. 5C reporting in…

    I choose these 3 comments this week from my class:

    Firstly, the majority chose TAILS over WINGS as the most popular. Most thought they would be more practical, especially as I pointed out, that in order to be able to fly, humans with wings would need chest muscles the size of FRIDGES!! Our bones aren’t truly hollow, like birds, you see…

    Amber said that “she would prefer wings, as she had never been flying on a plane, and this would be a close second”

    Katie said that ” she would choose a tail, because you could turn on the TV while sitting down or get a packet of crisps without moving…” In my house, my children say that’s what adults are for, Katie! (sigh)

    Lewis said that “he would choose a tail, because it would help you keep balance when hopping between cars stuck in traffic. Also, for fun, you could swing from tree to tree very quickly!”

    Mr. C signing off…

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