Diary Dates and Parent Workshops

CalendarI have now finally put up the list of dates for the coming year. You can find this on the ‘Term Dates’ menu bar to the right of this. You can also download a copy here.

We are intending to run a series of workshops which encourage parents to come into school and work with their child on a one-to-one basis.  The workshops will be a fun and enjoyable way of allowing parents to find out exactly how their child is learning in class and to take part in a simple literacy or maths activity.  We will be making resources in the workshop for you to take home and keep for use in supporting your child with their homework.

The dates for these workshops are on the list of dates. The focus for the autumn workshops will be reading, and we will focus on mathematics in the spring.

The workshops will be very informal and parents will not need any particular skill, as the activities will be set out and explained by the class teacher.  Every child will need an adult to support them in their work and this could be a parent/ grandparent/ uncle/ aunt/ older brother or sister/ or family friend who knows the child well. The children who take part will be given homework specifically linked to the workshop for the following five weeks.

The workshops last for approximately one hour (from 9.15am – 10.15am).  Refreshments and a crèche will be available for the use of those parents/carers attending.

We hope you will support this exciting event by attending with your child. We understand that many parents will need to take time off work for these workshops, so we are giving as much notice as we can so that everyone can plan ahead.

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  1. I only just saw on on the list of dates that the children had individual pictures on Monaday. I was not aware of this beforehand. Do you send correspondence out to notify parents that pictures are going to be taken, or put it on the website?

  2. Hello Mia,

    I am sorry for this! I did not realise that the parents hadn’t been told. Several parents pointed this out to us this week. This is one of the reasons that we are posting all of the future dates for the rest of the academic year.

    Sorry again.


  3. Hello Susan
    I would like to attend my Daughter and Son workshops but would need to make arrangements for my 17 month old to attend the creche. Do I need book him a place in advance or I can I just drop him into the creche in the morning before going along to the workshops? Is there any cost for him to attend the creche?

    Regards Michelle

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