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Following a discussion amongst staff yesterday we have decided that from Monday 7th October 2013 children will no longer be allowed to bring toys into school to play with in the playground.

The toys have caused a number of arguments and we felt that on balance the cons outweighed the pros! We have a lot of resources and equipment in the playgrounds for the children to play with.

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  1. I agree with you, I think the children shouldn’t be allowed toys at school whatever their age. Personally I never allowed mines toys at school

  2. I think toys should be banned aswell because like you said they cause arguments and upset to many children that’s probably one of the reasons I’m not aloud to bring toys in,but further more toys could easily get lost and they could also get stolen, so it’s best to keep them at home!

  3. I as an ex pupil of Selsdon primary school think that you should allow kids to bring in toys to play with in the play ground as last year as most people didn’t have anything to do they decided to cause a fight and there would be chaos in the play ground and the play ground equipment is very boring after being with it for 3 years

  4. I Agree U Never Ever Bring Toys In Unless Its Games Day,I Think If U Bring Toys Should Get A Detention And If It Carries On TOYS SHOULD BE BANDED!

  5. I have seen toys get broken, arguments happen and children upset because of toys brought in to school from home. All the Teaching Assistants and Lunchtime Supervisors have learned some new playground games and are starting to introduce them at break and lunchtime. The children who have joined in with my games have enjoyed themselves, so we don’t need toys to have a good time in the playground.

  6. Thanks for sharing the games on your blog – that’s reminded me of some different ones I can play with Years 3 and 4.

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