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  1. Millie from 2G says no! Because if you ask to do something, a grown up might say no. If you still did it anyway that would then be rude or naughty.

  2. I don’t think we ever have totally free choice. We make decisions based on rules set by those around us; parents, government, friends, tv, books and much more. We make our “free” choices based around what we then consider good, proper, sensible etc. In saying that, as adults we do have freedom to break convention, the normal, the rules… but only if we are prepared to suffer the consequences. I believe too much freedom to be a negative thing, everyone needs boundaries, guidance and limitations.

  3. Well it depends. You cannot go up to someone and punch them and don’t get in trouble you don’t have a choice not to learn.

  4. Well I think both because the holder ones have responsibility to walk home from School but the younger ones don’t because they won’t know what to do

  5. no because the world is not our choice so choice is not ours and if we did have a choice the world will be bad and really aggressive place for children and adults that’ why we have no choice and with no choice to have we are protected.

  6. I think we should and shouldn’t. When it comes to food for example, to me it’s yes and no. Say your parents tell you to eat your veg, I think you should have no choice because they’re healthy for you but on the other hand if your parents always give you unhealthy food and you know it I think you should have a choice to say no!

  7. 5C reporting in… We discussed this in class this week, with many pupils coming up with ideas or choices in their lives that they were SURE were “up to them”. When we thought further about the CHOICES, we realised that in more “extreme” situations, parents might step in and reduce some options…

    Jude thought he could “play whatever he liked on his XBOX”… when I asked if he was allowed to play GTA5, he quickly realised that there were some choices he couldn’t get! That got a laugh out of both of us…

    The class picked 2 opinions this week: Virginia stated that “free choice only happens in how you look after YOURSELF and how responsible you are for what you do”, while Aliya chose to say “that we all freely choose HOW we behave… that you couldn’t be forced to behave badly, you choose to!”

    We were then thrown into a debate on HOW & WHERE you learn what is good and bad in behaviour…

    Keep it up, 5C… we’ll all be intellectual philosophers by the end of the year!

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