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  1. Millie from 2G thinks number 4 – no lies please! And also to listen to grown ups would be a good rule! (Personally, smiling would be nice!)

  2. I think numer 1 and 4 because it’s always nice to see a smile because it makes people’s day and I also think that nobody should ever tell lies because the world should be an honest where nobody keeps secrets or lies

  3. I think number 4 because if you told a lie the over person could be telling the truth but the teacher might belive you instead and you could be lieng

  4. I think one and four because it’s nice to see a smile and if u lies sometimes the consequences could be losing trust or the other person could get hurt

  5. I think that you shouldn’t tell any type of lie because if you are caught lying there will be serious consequences.I don’t believe in the rule that you shouldn’t spend any money because you are going to need to spend money to eat.I disagree with the rule of that you should only ever wear school uniform because you wouldn’t want to be wearing the same old clothes every day so in theory I think you should were school uniform on a Monday to a Friday and at the week end you can wear what ever you want.I also agree with you should smile all the time unless you are under pressure or if you have hurt yourselves.This is my opinion.What is yours?

  6. I think don’t lie because it is the right thing to do . I know lots of people who do lie but every will later on in life they will relize they won’t need to lie because they is another solution which is honesty I love that one

  7. I asked students in 4B to show me that they were ready today by sitting with their hands in their lap and a smile on their face- it certainly made me feel very happy seeing lots of smiley faces!

  8. Usually, I would choose a rule, but in this case I disagree with all of them.
    For one, if there was a rule that you cannot lie – which in most circumstances would be the correct and honest thing to do – what would the police (or spies) do if they were working undercover? Secondly, I certainly do not disagree with the school uniform rule. I believe people should be able to wear what they want to on a weekend because they are not in school. The other rule, that you are not allowed to spend money, is illogical because we need to buy food. Finally, the first suggestion- that everyone should smile- is very sweet and I would choose this but only if you could smile if you want to. I’m sure that seeing a smile is nice but smiling all the time might be a bit tiring!
    From Alicia 6L

  9. In 5C, we discussed all the different choices; with most of the class voting for “avoiding lies”. Shanna pointed out that lying often caused small problems to get even worse. But the class voted on Charlotte’s idea as the most important: “Telling lies can actually lead to PRISON as an adult”. This led to a discussion about what kind of scenario this could happen in… I actually had to explain perjury!

    (It’s possible my class watch far too much C.S.I.!)

    Great thoughts and we followed the “agree with / disagree with” argument rules really well, 5C!

  10. Hello Alicia,

    You make some interesting points and you have given a reason for each of your arguments. Luckily, we do not actually have to make this choice!

    Best wishes

    Ms Papas

  11. Hello 5C,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts this week. Is what Mr Crickett said true, do you watch too much C.S.I.?

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts this week.

    Best wishes

    Ms Papas

  12. well if you like you could make a small problem big when you could have easily solved it but when you lie the argument gets worse because of your carelessness!

  13. It was fun doing the questions about lying in class. My favourite thing was when everyone thought that lies were bad.

  14. True, Lucy… Not to encourage lying, but it’s definitely worth discussing!
    I wonder… Is it ever “OK” to lie? Perhaps to save hurting someone’s feelings? Can a lie save a life?

    Uh oh… May have just come up with next week’s THUNK!

  15. Hi,There Is No Way I Would Pick Any Just Because That So Crazy In Every Possible Way 1st The Rule Just Smiling Is Nice But No No No It Would Get Tiring And When U Were Sad It Would Be A Bit Strange. Secondly, Why Would I Not Want To Spend My Money U Need Food To Live Without Money u Would Not Be Able To Live. Then Here Come’s The Uniform Rule No NO No It Would Get A Bit Uncomfy And Fashion Would Be Distinked. And Finally No Lieing I Would Pick This One But You Wouldn’t Be Able To Be Sartastic,And Who Hasn’t Got Faut The’ve Done In There Life???
    That’s My Honnesty
    From Sophie

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