Thank You!

I want to say thank you to all of the lovely parents and family members who have emailed, messaged and spoken to me about my post yesterday. It is clear that the overwhelming majority of parents want the best for their children and the school.

They are fed up with a small group of parents whose behaviour has been unacceptable for some time. Together we are giving the message that aggressive and bullying behaviour has no place in our school.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. It has meant a great deal.

Hope you all have a great weekend.



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Executive Headteacher

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  1. Your very welcome and Thank you Susan! For giving Parents some great positive optimism for the future of Selsdon Primary and for the improvement of our children’s education!

    Have a fab weekend 🙂 and all the best


  2. Susan, you truly are a great ambassador for the school and children for standing firm on bullying and setting a great example for the children to follow. My daughter commented yesterday how “mean and nasty those parents are behaving”

    Have a great weekend,
    Thank you

  3. Change is never welcomed but if it means giving our children a better education then I personally welcome it!!!!
    These parents are hopefully in the minority.

    Thank you for making a stand…

  4. Have been shocked reading some of the comments left over the past couple of days (been too busy to read) clearly appertaining to yet more narrow minded pettiness. BORING!!! My best advice for Susan would be to treat it with the contempt it deserves, file it in the B file (Bin) and ignore it. If there are select few parents that really feel Selsdon School is a complete hole, don’t ruin it for the rest of us, move on!
    Hope you have a restful and happy weekend Susan, and everyone else!

  5. Read about the abuse you received on BBC News website… I am appalled but not surprised. Up in Lancashire we have the same problem with some parents smoking and parking on zig-zag lines. We receive abuse too, but keep up the good work and strive for what’s right.

  6. Saw this story on the BBC website. I fully support you Susan. Seeing parents smoking at school gates is not a pretty sight and sets a terrible example. Well done.

  7. I was appalled to read the news stories about the school and the mindless abuse being dealt by these small minded idiots. I spent many happy years at Selsdon Primary as did my brother before me. We always remembered it as such a happy place. As a parent now myself to think these morons are trying to force Susan out for the “crime” of giving their children a better start in life sickens me. For what it’s worth Susan you have my full support.

  8. I read the BBC article about the abuse you have received from parents earlier and I having been reading your blog. You are clearly someone who cares deeply for your school and pupils and you should be applauded for committing your life to helping the next generation. Please continue to stand up for what you believe in. The children need people like you in their lives, and take comfort in knowing that for every 1 bully there are a thousand people who support you.

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