Selsdon Primary School and Nursery

Standing up to the Bullies

I am sorry to have to write again about the behaviour of some of our parents here on the blog, outside school and on other social media. We teach our children about rights and responsibilities. We also ask our children to look to us as role models as adults. Our responsibility is to demonstrate through our words and actions, the behaviour we expect from the younger generation.

I think that the behaviour of a group of parents is setting an extremely poor example. I have been using social media for some years in my capacity as a Headteacher and have never experienced the level of negativity and bad manners displayed by a handful of parents on here. I have spoken to many staff and parents who tell me that this has been allowed to flourish unchecked here for some years. I have also been told about the rude and offensive comments being levelled against me, and other staff, on social media.

This has to stop.  I take a strong stance against bullying of any kind, whether it is from an adult or a child. I have always been open and transparent in my dealings here at Selsdon. I have been clear about my role which is to improve the standard of teaching and pupil progress so that all of our children achieve at the highest level. It would appear that some parents do not want to support us in this aim.

I would ask that anyone who has received the, very unpleasantly titled, petition calling for my resignation to hand a copy to the office (anonymously, if you like). We are seeking legal advice and have spoken to the Police, so any further information about this would help us no end.

I would also like to hear more about the planned ‘smoking picket line’ planned for later this term. I understand that a group of parents are planning to block the pavement whilst smoking as a protest against my polite request to not smoke directly outside the school gates. I have already been in contact with the Press who are very interested in this bizarre plan!

I am certain that both of these actions do not reflect the views of the vast majority of parents who wish for nothing more than a high quality education for their children.

To conclude, I have made a decision to not spend any more time dealing with the aggressive and critical messages that I have been receiving. I am sure that many of you would agree that my time is much better spent in the classrooms ensuring that all of our pupils are receiving a great education.

From now on I think that it is best to use this blog as a forum for pupils to share their thoughts and ideas. This will be further developed once we get the class blogs up and running.

If any parent wishes to speak to me about any of the issues raised here, please come and speak to me in person.

I look forward to working in a positive way with our whole school community to ensure the successful development of our school.

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