Donna’s Cakes

** Update! This will now take place at the end of the day on Friday**

Exciting news! One of our parents, Donna, will be selling her delicious cake slices, cupcakes and mini cupcakes in various flavours along with tea, coffee and cold drinks on Friday mornings in the school playground.

You can find her van in the playground every Friday morning.

Something nice to look forward to at the end of the week!

donna cake

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  1. What a lovely idea – and a great opportunity to learn that a little treat every now and then fits in perfectly with a healthy, balanced diet and exercise. Cake on a Friday – brilliant!

  2. It will be Friday AFTER school (not friday morning)that the cake sale will be taking place any allergy sufferers feel free to request and I’ll do my best to provide it. There will be a big variety of cakes with a price range to suit most people.

  3. I love donnas cakes everyone need to try them but warning no other cake quite matches it normal cake never tastes good again lol

  4. Oh no I didn’t see this post and I made 20 gluten wheat and dairy free cakes. What a shame sorry you didn’t get to have any

  5. Donna, I saw you packing up as I came to collect Jake but you were all in the van ready to go! 😦 hmmm there must be a way round it? doh!

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