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  1. Christopher disagrees thankfully! Without rules the world would be ‘crazy’ with everyone doing what they want, sometimes bad things!

  2. I disagree because if there were no rules it would be chaos! But I do think that it depends on which type of rule it is.

  3. Well if there was a rule that you shouldn’t go to school then that wouldn’t be a very sensible rule, but if there was a rule that every child needs a good education then that would be sensible.

    From Hollie

  4. I think there should be rules because if we didn’t have rules everyone would fight, push, shove and not come to school.

  5. My class, 5C, decided that rules were mainly there to keep us all safe and protected. Others also said it would lead to a problem in making important decisions about what was fair.
    Excellent thinking, 5C!

    If others like these philosophical questions, come to our room and have a read through our “Little Book of Thunks”… It’s full of interesting thoughts to encourage discussion!

  6. In our first music lessons in Key Stage 2, we have been thinking about how our old music room rules (which the children originally came up with) fit with the new school rules – these rules are important as they give us a framework for our learning environment.

    We found that some of our old “rules” were really guidance to make things run smoothly, such as putting beaters back in the right place and handling instruments carefully. It’s still important to try to remember these things, but we do not need separate rules for them.

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