Selsdon Primary School and Nursery

Blogging Matters

I am writing in response to some of the comments that are being left here on the blog. Whilst wanting to encourage open dialogue between the staff, parents and children, I am not comfortable with some of the comments left here. I have been running a blog at Heavers Farm for some years, and have never encountered such unpleasant comments. I understand that some parents feel upset about things that have happened in the past, however, this was not the purpose of this blog. I was not involved in the issues mentioned, and with the greatest respect, I think we have more important issues to focus on.

We work hard to teach our children to be polite, thoughtful and show respect for us and each other. We do this in a large part, by our own behaviour and conduct. We educate our pupils about using social media safely, and being conscious of their audience. This blog attracts a lot of traffic, a lot of people are reading what we publish. In our first two weeks we have had over 14,500 hits and we have 375 followers. I do not believe that this reflects well on our school community. We would not accept this from our children.

It is for this reason I will be taking down these comments. I have never had to do this before, and hope that I never have to do it again. I would suggest that these conversations take place in person rather than on here. I am always available to speak to parents, please come and talk to me.

I think we should draw a line under this now. I welcome parent input in school, and would truly value your support in ensuring that our pupils achieve to the highest level. This is a fantastic school, let’s work together to make it somewhere we are all truly proud of.