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I am writing in response to some of the comments that are being left here on the blog. Whilst wanting to encourage open dialogue between the staff, parents and children, I am not comfortable with some of the comments left here. I have been running a blog at Heavers Farm for some years, and have never encountered such unpleasant comments. I understand that some parents feel upset about things that have happened in the past, however, this was not the purpose of this blog. I was not involved in the issues mentioned, and with the greatest respect, I think we have more important issues to focus on.

We work hard to teach our children to be polite, thoughtful and show respect for us and each other. We do this in a large part, by our own behaviour and conduct. We educate our pupils about using social media safely, and being conscious of their audience. This blog attracts a lot of traffic, a lot of people are reading what we publish. In our first two weeks we have had over 14,500 hits and we have 375 followers. I do not believe that this reflects well on our school community. We would not accept this from our children.

It is for this reason I will be taking down these comments. I have never had to do this before, and hope that I never have to do it again. I would suggest that these conversations take place in person rather than on here. I am always available to speak to parents, please come and talk to me.

I think we should draw a line under this now. I welcome parent input in school, and would truly value your support in ensuring that our pupils achieve to the highest level. This is a fantastic school, let’s work together to make it somewhere we are all truly proud of.


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  1. Absolutely shocked to read that parents comments have had to be removed as the content was inappropriate! Who has the time or desire to waste energy being negative or rude.
    I think this new interactive social media style communication is brilliant and allows working parents like myself to keep up to date on school issues. My child has just joined reception and I have been a visitor to the school for a few years now with other children in the family and I can honestly say that I have never felt that the teachers, assisting staff or facilities haven’t been anything other than ‘normal and acceptable’. I have however experienced really poor behaviour from fellow parents. The chain smoking outside the school gates in the morning is just awful and some of the foul language in the playground is unbelievable. Whilst its not the new heads responsibility to educate the parents, I do think the school would do well to put some effort into demonstating how possibly the parents could help selsdon achieve better results.

  2. I totally agree with you, there is nothing worse than getting a face full of smoke and having to listen to some of the language. This is not a good example to set our children and I for one am glad you have bought this subject up. There is no need either for parents to be hanging around outside the gates hindering other parents and children from moving into and out of school.

  3. This is true . It’s not just the smoking – although it is dreadful – it’s the congestion they cause. The office have told me its not school ground so they can’t do anything – I’m tempted to make and attach my own sign to the railings!

  4. I didn’t realise this blog was for parents to moan???
    I commend most of the changes at school, any problems really shouldn’t be put on here in a personal way.
    Perhaps you should approach the smokers in a tactful way… Attaching a sign will only make things worse.
    Anyhow this blog is for our children and the school in the hope we can improve our children’s lives. Not for anything that happens outside of it.
    Negativity breeds negativity… Positivity breeds positivity… Food for thought.
    I can only hope that the comments are a knee jerk reaction.
    Have a lovely day one and all.

  5. My initial point was just that .. What a waste of time to post negative comments on here.
    I’m simply pointing out that perhaps the parents who are quick to moan at the school could take a look at the way they or their fellow parent friends act.
    As the new head says .. We are the role models too.
    I’m totally committed to helping selsdon become a better school and for the community too – selsdon needs a good local school. Lets become a school that local children want to attend and that local parents are proud of.

  6. I agree Susan, lets start a fresh and work on the positives and focus on building an excellent future for Selsdon, under your fantastic leadership.

    But on on a completely different note. I just wanted to ask what the state of affairs are with School bags? Last term my eldest was told that the class must have drawstring bags as bags were taking up too much space, and I checked on the uniform section of the blog, before the school returned after the holidays and it also said drawstring bags only, but yet my children look like the only ones with these or certainly are in the minority, and now they are saying they want different bags like everyone else!

    What actually is the schools stance on school bags?

    Thanks Susan

  7. I agree with you Bea & Sarah. My son has just started at Selsdon and it wasn’t one of our 6 choices but it was what we were offered and we want to make the best of it. I am encouraged by Ms Papas attitudes and openness and I hope that this, coupled with the commitment and positivity of parents, can help Selsdon become a school we can be proud of.

  8. As parents our primary concerns should be our childrens welfare, education and happiness at school, all of which I am sure Susan in an expert in. I for one would rather her, and her colleagues, time is spent concentrating on these areas.

  9. Hello Emma,

    I am not sure is the honest answer! I was told that the children were to bring in draw string bags because of space constraints. As far as I know, this is still the rule. I will check to see if it has been changed, if not, then I will text parents to remind them about drawstring bags.

    Best wishes


  10. Thank you Bea,

    I do have to say that when I have spoken to parents everyone is so positive, and their love for the school is evident! I think people just need a space to let off steam about things that have frustrated them for some while.

    Hopefully, this is done now and we can get on and focus on the teaching and learning in school.

    Hope you have a great weekend.


  11. Hello Sou,

    I am really please that you decided to place your son here. Selsdon is a great school, which has the potential to be truly outstanding. I hope that you will both be very happy here.

    Best wishes


  12. Thank you Vickie,

    I think now that we have got some of these issues out of the way, we can all focus on making sure that all of our pupils achieve to the very highest level. I know that there have been some negative comments on here, but the feeling in and around school is so positive. Everyone I meet is lovely.

    Some of these issues needed airing, but now it is time to focus on teaching and learning!

    Hope you have a great weekend.


  13. Thank you, you have a good weekend too. Didn’t get to read the negative comments made, but probably mainly down to people getting anxious about change, or dwelling on past events. Am sure we all just want the best for our children!

  14. I agree with Vickie and I too feel we should all look at the positives and move forward for both the children and the wider community! I had a look at my sons class this morning and was very impressed with seeing them all reading their books in total quiet. So glad I witnessed this as I have a terrible time getting him to read at home. Well done! Very happy the school is going back to basics!!!

  15. My son bought home his Reading Diary & Year Planner today, what a brilliant idea and much better than the old reading records – only one problem, it’s falling apart already! I work in the print industry and in my opinion these books have too many pages for the size of binding and will not last very long, I will rebind the book on Monday as I feel at £2.50 for a replacment is rather expensive for a book that is falling apart on day one!!

  16. Yes I agree with the points made about the children’s new reading diary,
    My daughters is already coming apart as I was looking through it!!
    Is this something you can address Susan?

    Best wishes


  17. Hi Sou,

    I remember reading this post the other day and then last night my step mum (fo) mentioned working with a lady in this situation.

    If this was you then everything she said was completely true my son did amazing in reception and loved his teacher, who I understand is the same as your sons.

    All the best


  18. Hello Emma,

    I apologise for the defective diaries. We have used this company for years and this is the first bad batch. Please return your diary to your teacher and it will be replaced free of cost. I may have to send the whole order back as the binding is faulty on a large number. I will speak to all of the teachers to ensure that they regularly leave comments in the book for you. If you are able to drop your child to school in the mornings, please speak to your class teacher about this.

    The advertisement on the back page is there in lieu of payment to the person who designed and organised the printing and delivery of the diaries. When we are planning the diaries for next year, we will ask for advertisers.

    Best wishes


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