Selsdon Primary School and Nursery

PE Kit

Mr Feitor our P.E. teacher has asked that parents provide both a pair of trainers and a pair of plimsolls for Year 1 to Year 6 children taking part in P.E. lessons.

This does not apply to children in Nursery or Reception.

Plimsolls are needed for indoor lessons in the hall, whilst the trainers are needed for lessons on the field. We like to take advantage of the field for as much of the year as possible, which means that footwear can get very muddy! Therefore it seems sensible to have both available.

I appreciate that this may be an additional cost, however, plimsolls can be found from as little as £2.00/pair from places such as Barretts, Asda and M&S. Trainers do not need to be anything fancy! Again these can be bought inexpensively for example M&M Direct and Shoe Zone.

Mr Feitor and the teaching staff thank you in advance for your support with this.



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