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plimsollsMr Feitor our P.E. teacher has asked that parents provide both a pair of trainers and a pair of plimsolls for Year 1 to Year 6 children taking part in P.E. lessons.

This does not apply to children in Nursery or Reception.

Plimsolls are needed for indoor lessons in the hall, whilst the trainers are needed for lessons on the field. We like to take advantage of the field for as much of the year as possible, which means that footwear can get very muddy! Therefore it seems sensible to have both available.

I appreciate that this may be an additional cost, however, plimsolls can be found from as little as £2.00/pair from places such as Barretts, Asda and M&S. Trainers do not need to be anything fancy! Again these can be bought inexpensively for example M&M Direct and Shoe Zone.

Mr Feitor and the teaching staff thank you in advance for your support with this.



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  1. I have two children at selsdon, am not working and single parent, they have no old trainers i cant afford 2 more pairs of trainers this term as got to buy coats etc ive heard the children have detention if they have no full pe kit, as this has just been sprung on us i think its a bit unfair for people who have multiple kids abd their children . Also iam glad the red ties have been reinstated as a couple of children i know was dissapointed about that as they like them, thankyou

  2. Hello,

    I am sorry about the short notice, however, this has only just been brought to my attention. I do appreciate that this is an extra cost which is why I made some suggestions for low priced options. Maybe other parents might be willing to donate any good quality, used plimsolls and trainers for us to recycle?

    We may also be able to do the same for winter coats. Anyone out there willing to organise this??

    Best wishes


  3. I know plymsols are cheap and you gave a few ideas where to get them but that wasnt the problem its the trainers that cost more, even chs when you have a couple of kids ab and they do need ones for out of school too, and will the kids get detention for not having trainers

  4. I’m afraid I don’t have any trainers to donate to the school but I’m sure other parents would be more than happy to help :-).

  5. My problem is leaving expensive trainers at school. Perhaps it would be better for the children to bring in the trainers on the days they will need them by informing us of the days for PE lessons. I too can not afford to buy four trainers with one pair left at school and one for home for two children. I like the idea of donations as well and would be willing to give a hang arranging this with any other parents.

  6. My question as well was are we given time to get them before the kids start getting detention for not having full kit as ive heard this is happening

  7. I’m glad you are allowing us time to get the trainers, however I don’t agree with the new ruling of a detention if pe kit is not in school. I don’t understand why a 5 year old should get punished for something that is pretty much out of their control, I feel this could be very confusing for the child, as isn’t it the parents responsibility? The same goes for lateness, why should a child be punished for a parents incompetence?, and also on occasions things happen out of our control don’t they? If a child doesn’t do as their told, fine keep them in, there is a place for detentions, but at primary level not for lateness or no pe kit.

  8. Hello,

    Thank you for your comments. I am not sure that I agree! Firstly, five year olds will not receive a detention for not having PE kits, as their PE lessons do not require a kit, as it is part of their integrated day. Secondly, we do not give detentions for lateness to children until they are in Year 3. At that point I think children can take some responsibility, as it is often children who hold up their parents in the morning. If there are exceptional circumstances, for instance if someone in the family has health issues for instance, a child will not receive a detention. Also, if something unexpected happens which makes a child late on a one off occasion, again they will not receive a detention.

    Hopefully the threat of detention will make most parents speed up in the morning, if in fact it is their fault! Good punctuality is a habit learned at a very young age. Research shows that children who are regularly late for Nursery, continue this pattern through into their adult life. It is our responsibility to teach children (and some parents) appropriate life skills that ensure that they are well prepared for their future lives.

    Best wishes


  9. Iam sorry but i too agree with sarah as even in year four sometimes its the parents fault not children theres no pe kit or lateness, i feel sorry for child if its not tjeir fault, bad behaviour warrents detention not other things its a primary school their still young not a seconary school

  10. You can get trainers from most supermarkets and places like primark from a fiver, they don’t have to be fashionable just a pair of trainers and as for trainers only just being introduced we received letters last year asking children to bring trainers for outside PE. I would rather my child have trainers for outside PE than plimsolls any day as better for her feet and less likely to come off during outdoor activities.

  11. I’m sorry, there seems to be a vast amount of confusion this week. I agree that children should get into good habits from an early age, but I still don’t believe detention for lateness is right. I was never late to school, nor are my children, but this is not the case for everyone.
    Outside of a year 1 class there is a whiteboard notice that states that if the children fail to bring a pe kit there will be detention. My child is in year 1 and has just turned 5, and has had a pe kit for a year already. I’m not sure I understand, its all very confusing. I don’t mean to be a pain, I just want clear information that makes sense. Could I suggest that a weekly newsletter may help?

  12. Hi, I am sorry to cause confusion! I have asked that only children from Year 1 – Year 6 have PE kits in school with both trainers and plimsolls.

    I emailed all staff this afternoon to confirm that children would not be given detention for not having both types of footwear in school. Most teachers will have been in class this afternoon and would not pick up their emails until after school.

    Please bear with us. We are trying to implement new policies that are for the benefit of the children.

    People do not always immediately take on board new policies, or changes, regardless of the type of media used to pass on the message. Sometimes it just needs a bit of time, and a few reminders.

    … and we would not be having this conversation here if I had simply sent home a newsletter!

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

    Look forward to meeting you,


  13. Hi everyone. Just to let you know that I’m donating my oldest son’s plimsolls, size 13, which are in excellent condition. I’m dropping them off at the office first thing in the morning. Should anyone need them please feel free to collect. Mr. Feitor, PE Teacher

  14. Hiya,

    I feel a point being missed about having to have trainers kept in school for weeks on end and only being worn, once a week maybe three times a term is that it is a waste of money!

    I do not make a habit of buying items not to use them.

    The idea to let parent know when their class PE lesson is, so that trainers can be bought in for that day Is a good One and I hope will be implemented – although there will then be plenty of forgetful parents on the days in question.

    If trainers are used on the field, and made muddy, are they expected to sit in the PE Kit bag for the week?
    Making the rest of the kit unusable by the time it is next to be used ?

    Or are they to be kept in a separate bag, again where they are likely to go mouldy?

    They can’t all be left on the windowsill to dry can they?

    Bringing in and out would solve the wet issue.

    Just what are children doing on the field that makes the use of plimsolls dangerous ?!?!

    If separate footwear is required for use in specific activities, then fair enough, I wouldn’t go rock climbing using knitting wool.

    A change in the school uniform policy (as a change to the PE Kits is), should really be given appropriate notice of change.

    A notice on a web page mid week would not be counted by many as such.

    I notice staff have been told that there is no detention now for not having both in class, but feel this Change should give several weeks notice, if not a terms, not hours as is a change is uniform policy – with an added cost to it.

    “… and we would not be having this conversation here if I had simply sent home a newsletter!”

    From experience, I know full well that this discussion would have been held if it had gone home in a newsletter, Just the replies may have been slower 😉


  15. Hi Ian,

    I have just spoken to the teachers and I have suggested that children bring their P.E. kit and shoes home every week. This should resolve the problem.

    Best wishes


  16. Hiya trainers is no problem in tescos now and they have loads of ideal black ones for only £ 5 and at least their feet will be protected, would like to say thankyou to mrs papas for taking time out to reply to these blogs and welcome to selsdon i hope she enjoys working here

  17. Its quite amusing that some parents have concerns about children being given detention for being late when it may be the parents fault. There is a simple solution to this, don’t be late, set a good example to your children. I’ve worked for 17 years and never once been late for work, my son is in year 4 and has never once be late for school, it really isn’t difficult to plan your time effectively…….and have a “plan b” if something unexpected crops up.

    There has been a real theme come through this blog over the last few days. We as parents really need to raise our games and be positive role models for our children. This extends to time keeping, manners, consideration of other people (i.e. not blocking pavements, mindful of the language we use etc), supporting the teachers when they are teaching/disciplining our children etc. None of us are perfect, no not even me, but with a bit of effort we can help make the school environment even better for our children, each other and the staff.

  18. Thank you, that is cheap!

    The office staff and Mr Feitor have organised a selection of donated plimsolls and trainers available for use also.

    Hopefully we can put ‘plimgate’ behind us now…

    Have a good weekend


  19. Thank you, I couldn’t have put it better myself!

    I agree, none of us are perfect. I make mistakes all the time, just like the next person. I do not think that there is any shame in admitting our mistakes and using our experience to rectify them.

    All the best,


  20. If any parent needs to buy new plimsolls for their children over the Christmas holidays, Smallworths in Selsdon currently has a vast number for sale at £3.99 a pair.

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