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Following an issue raised by one of our parents I asked the staff to bring their children out in line at the end of the school day. I went outside yesterday to see how this went. What I noticed is that parents are crowding around the exit doors, so that as staff bring their class out, they do not have room to line their children up, and cannot see who is going where.

In the interests of safety we would like to ask that parents wait by the bank, away from the main building. This will enable the staff to line up their class in the places they use at playtime and will be able to see who they are handing their children over to. This should make the end of the day safer and calmer for all!

** UPDATE: I did mean the grass banks to the back of the playgrounds, not Barclays or NatWest Banks!


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  1. Hi I can see why you have implemented this and think it is a very good idea but I noticed today that not all classes were doing it and those that did were not sure where they had to line up. Also I noticed that parents and children from other years (mainly the lower years) were walking through the lines making those children lined up having to move and get caught up in amongst these people, which kinda defeats the object as You can then not work out whose who. A letter would be better to be sent home explaining this new way of collecting our children so that those that do not read this blog know about it and that all parents need to be shown where the children will line up and this needs to be in areas away from where people that just don’t give a damn will not walk through the lines.

  2. I will text everyone again and ask for everyone to be more thoughtful. I will also ask the teachers to find better places to line up their classes.

    Hopefully we will get this right very soon!

  3. Hiya,

    This will work well in the snow when you are told not to walk on the playground! 😉

    I can only comment on what I saw collecting my children yesterday.

    Many parents were not aware of any changes to the collection policy and so they continued to do as they had done previous years, safely, which was to wait a short way away from the school doors, and then approach and collect their child when the teacher or TA had bought them outside the school doors and had made eye contact and the child was told they could go. This was done without any additional trouble other than the usual teachers getting to know new parents and children connections.

    Whilst a scrum at the school doors to collect your child is not in anyone’s interest, there seems to have been a large change made to the numbers coming out of certain doors this year as opposed to others by the main hall, and this seems to be causing some concern.

    The entrance to the school playground is narrowed by the play equipment, and if classes line up to come out there, it makes leaving the playground with nursery and younger year children harder-, though in previous years they have always managed it, so do not overly understand why it should suddenly be a problem now.- by walking round the “outside” of the play equipment, not the school side of said equipment.

    Sending Text messages does not guarantee receipt of messages. They do not go to every parent, as school would not send to both parents previously, and sometimes the number receiving the message is not a readily accessible number, to avoid spam messages.

    My wife received the message, I did not. Guess who did the collections yesterday.

    Paper doesn’t reach everyone, but at least in the school bag it has to be removed, like the copies of the clubs available received yesterday.

    Year 3 are in a situation where half the class comes out of one door, and the rest come out of another!


    Mistakes are easy to make, Perfection takes time.

  4. The old way of collecting our children was a bit messed up with teachers trying there hardest to keep an eye on each child and which person was collecting them and again today I stood back for a while before moving forward to collect my child and felt so sorry for the teachers trying to firstly get the children into line and secondly watch adults coming from every angle and taking their child whilst they was trying to get the children lined up…my child spotted me and went to move out of the line but i beckoned her to stay, as her teacher was trying to get the children to line up and making sure they were all there and I felt this should be allowed to be done before parents attempt to get their child but this wasn’t the case.

    Parents were just moving in on the lines like vultures to a rabbit and taking there child and the poor teachers were desperately trying to keep control of it all but with no hope in hell and its not the teachers faults but the impatientness and lack of understanding of some parents. My daughters teachers head was working over time as she tried to watch every parents and tried to keep the children in line so she could keep her eye on them, this was the same for the teacher from the class next to hers.

    I’m not sure if this is actually going to work, but something does need to be done with regards to collection of children but I for one just can’t think of what.

  5. In the interests of safety, would it please be possible to have BOTH sets of front gates open at school pick up time to try to avoid the almighty crush of parents and children trying to leave and enter the school by the small gate and then trying to walk across each other as they turn to go their different ways,
    Thank you

  6. Yes Emma, I agree, it was terrible today, kids were being knocked over and trampled on. It is clearly a fire hazard having so many people leaving that way through that tiny entrance. Thank you.

  7. They usually are; every morning and afternoon…………clearly something just went wrong tonight. Normal service will resume on Monday.

  8. Is there any reason that the large double gates by the nursery can’t be opened just for leaving school at 3.15? It would make much more sense for those who live east of the school to depart from those gates and those who live west to leave by the gates near the office? A teacher on each gate to oversee things and a lot less congestion by the narrow pavement near the pelican crossing.

  9. Hi Bea, The problem is that dive is a vehicle entrance and at that time of day the School minibuses are often returning from trips and also large delivery lorries are coming and going. Health & safety wise it would be very dangerous to allow Parents with young children & buggies to use that gate.

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