Thought for the Week: Ever tried? Ever Failed?

Hello everyone. Every week I will post what we call our “Thought for the Week” on the school blogThis will be discussed during our assembly on Monday mornings and each class will have time to reflect on it during the week. I would like to encourage our pupils to leave their thoughts and ideas about this using the comment box below. We will look at these comments during our assembly on Friday mornings.

The purpose of our ‘Thought for the Week’ is to encourage children to explore philosophical questions through dialogue and reflective thinking. We would like to encourage our children to develop their reasoning and be able to generate opinions, coming up with new ideas and possibilities.

It helps the children develop their ideas if adults also join in with the conversation, so please add your thoughts too!

The ‘Thought for the Week’ this week is:


Thought for the Week

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  1. Great idea!

    Can you confirm whether assembly will be daily from tomorrow? Also, what time will it start each day?

    Miss Burbridge

  2. Millie Harrison of 2G agrees. If she didn’t keep failing and failing better at learning to skip and ride her bike, she wouldn’t be really good at it now! That’s what learning is all about!

  3. One of the things I left my teacher training firmly believing is that we never stop learning how to get better. I have a poster on my classroom wall which says, “Mistakes are proof that you are trying”. It is only by truly understanding the reasons for our mistakes that we can find ways to avoid them next time. This applies just as much to teachers as to the children in our classes.

    Well done Millie on learning to ride your bike so well!

  4. I agree because it shows that if you fail, you can realise where you went wrong last time and then use that to help you try again and succeed next time you try.

  5. i agree with that answer because i was my dance class i did not understand nothing so i tried again and i got it some of the routine right and even though i failed i manged to to understand what i had to do for the routine.

  6. This reminds me of how I learnt to play guitar… By gradually moving from awful fail, to quite poor and after a few years, quite good!

    All it took was practice… And more practice….! But I had to fail to know HOW to succeed!

  7. We have to fail sometimes to learn. I always say to my daughter that it doesn’t matter if she gets something wrong because sometimes that’s the only way we learn. And as long as you have giving it your best and are prepared to try again and learn from your mistakes then that’s all that matters.

  8. Kush 3k

    If I can see it then its real. If I cannot see it then it is not real.

    Although I do believe in the tooth fairy……

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