Selsdon Primary School and Nursery

Attendance Update

From the 4th September 2013 we will be introducing a new Attendance and Punctuality Policy.  Children should attend school every day so that they make the most of the education available to them. We understand that there may be occasions when a child is unwell and is not able to come in to school, but this should be kept to a minimum.

We will be offering prizes for those children, and parents, with good attendance and punctuality each term. Each term we will offer a prize draw for a brand new scooter for those children whose attendance is 96% or above and has not been late on more than one occasion that term. We will also offer a prize draw for a Sainsbury’s voucher for the parent(s) or carer(s) of a child with good attendance and punctuality.

From September we will not authorise any leave during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

For more information go to our Attendance Pages on the Parent Tab above.