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YN Fox Cubs 2013/14
YR Butterflies 2013/14
YR Ladybirds 2013/14
YR Bumblebees 2013/14
Y1 Hedgehogs 2013/14
Y1 Badgers 2013/14 Not available
Y1 Squirrels 2013/14
2H 2013/14
2M 2013/14
2G 2013/14
3H 2013/14
3P 2013/14
3M 2013/14
4H 2013/14
4B 2013/14
4S 2013/14
5P 2013/14
5C 2013/14
5W 2013/14
6K 2013/14
6B 2013/14 Not available
6V 2013/14

72 thoughts on “Old Blogs

  1. Hope everyone’s had a lovely holiday. Looking forward to a great start to a fantastic new year at Selsdon!

    • Hi every one, Eden will be holding a nearly new baby sale on Friday 20th December 3pm to 5pm. From clothes to bouncers, If you would like to sell any unwanted good quality baby items please pop into Eden to discuss. Look forward to seeing you there.

  2. I hope this site will go some way towards providing constructive comments and solutions and alternative methods to issues that are apparent to our children that attend Selsdon Primary School. I understand that blogs received are screened and naturally I have a concerns that issues raised may ultimately be ignored because they may be seen as devisive and therefore make this process of a blog completely meaningless.

    …some reassurance please from those who wish to be transparent, but clearly do not wish to address matters which concern many are concerned about.

    • Hello Gorag,

      Yes, you are correct the comments are screened. As a primary school blog, I need to take care that nothing offensive or illegal is published here. I have only deleted two comments so far, both from one person, and both containing inappropriate language. I think that it is important to reflect on, and respond to, parents’ thoughts and suggestions about the school. I do not think that any of the comments made so far are divisive, people are simply sharing their views.

      If there is something in particular that is worrying you and you do not want to raise it here, please feel free to speak to me in the playground or make an appointment to see me and we can talk about it together.

      Best wishes


  3. Hello Susan, I have not had the opportunity to meet you in person as yet , though I appreciate your rapid response to my initial blog.

    I’m sure there will be many matters that we will both wish to resolve over the coming months and as such, I would like to take this opportunity as a parent to welcome you to Selsdon Primary and wish for a speedy resolution.

    I look foward to meeting you.

    Many thanks

  4. Hi Susan, I don’t know how many parents have met you but I for one have not and don’t even know what you look like, so would nice to be able to approach you around school and put a face to your name. I feel it would be nice for you to have some form of open morning or afternoon where you could introduce yourself to the parents that wish to attend. Also school uniform for girls I think would look much better if they had option to wear shirts,blouses or polo tops and no tie as I feel girls will not wear ties in their adult years, they would still look smart and still be in school uniform.

    • Hello Jacquie,

      I have tried to be in the playground before and after school as much as I can, this is how I have spoken to so many parents. I appreciate that many parents work, so are not around at these times. I think that an open morning is a great idea. I will have a look at my diary and set one up very soon. I will give some thought to the uniform issue.

      Best wishes


  5. I’m pleased to be able to tell everyone that the school is now collecting Morrisons’ Let’s Grow vouchers. For every £10 you spend in Morrisons between now and 27th October, you will receive a voucher. Simply bring your vouchers to school and post them in the collecting box in the library area opposite the office, and we will be able to use them to “purchase” items for our school allotment. Last year the vouchers we collected enabled us to get a good variety of vegetable seeds, which the children have grown during the year, plus some equipment. Thanks

  6. Absolutely shocked to read that parents comments have had to be removed as the content was inappropriate! Who has the time or desire to waste energy being negative or rude.
    I think this new interactive social media style communication is brilliant and allows working parents like myself to keep up to date on school issues. My child has just joined reception and I have been a visitor to the school for a few years now with other children in the family and I can honestly say that I have never felt that the teachers, assisting staff or facilities haven’t been anything other than ‘normal and acceptable’. I have however experienced really poor behaviour from fellow parents. The chain smoking outside the school gates in the morning is just awful and some of the foul language in the playground is unbelievable. Whilst its not the new heads responsibility to educate the parents, I do think the school would do well to put some effort into demonstating how possibly the parents could help selsdon achieve better results.

  7. I have just got some Morrison lets grow vouchers and was wondering if this school collected them, I shall make sure they go into collection box.

  8. Could you please explain ‘Golden Child’ to me as my daughter has tried by saying a child picks 3 people who have made their day golden and somehow a child out of the 3 is picked for the next day. If this is so, i don’t see this to be an incentive for the children as they obviously only choose their friends. If this is correct, i feel this to be a very poor replacement for ‘Star of the week’.

    • Hello Sharon,

      Yes, of course. This is taken from our behaviour policy:

      Golden Child (Reception – Year 6)

      On a child’s Golden Day they are given a ‘Golden Child’ sticker. The Golden Child does special
      duties e.g. return the register etc. The rest of the children in the class, and indeed the rest of the
      school, are responsible for ensuring that the Golden Child has a really special day. They make a
      special effort to play with them in the playground and say as many nice things to them as they
      can. At the end of the day the Golden Child awards 3 stickers to children who have made their
      day most special. The Golden Child must always give a reason for each choice.

      • Golden Children in Reception to Year 2 will be given a special soft toy for the day.
      • Golden Children in Year 3 to Year 6 will be given the sticker only.

      The children are chosen by the Class Teacher in such a way to ensure that all children have a
      chance to be the Golden Child regularly.

      I hope that this clarifies the situation. I will go through this again with the teachers tomorrow during our staff meeting so that they are all clear about how it works.

      Best wishes


      • Hi Susan
        Thank you for explaining this as it sounds like an excellent idea and sure children will enjoy the experience of feeling so specisl. I’m hoping it will now be done like this in my daughters class.
        Kind regards

  9. Good morning Susan
    This is my first attempt at blogging so please excuse any errors .
    My grandson came home from school yesterday and his jumper was soaking wet , when
    I asked him why he said it was raining at playtime his own common sense should
    have told him to put his coat on,but being a typical boy and if none of the others were wearing coats well need I say more, my reason for this comment is that I thought that children were supervised at break times and I would have hoped that if the staff saw it was raining and that children were playing without coats they would have made them go and put them on but this was not the case and he and others sat for the rest of the day in wet clothes, so please could you instruct staff to ensure that children are properly dressed for wet play times . On a more positive note I wish you well with all you are hoping to do for Selsdon primary as I have been connected with the school by way of several members of my family for the last 35 years and know what a good school this can be,as years ago it was the only school in the area that parents wanted to send their children to.

    • Hello David,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave this message, and congratulations on your first blogging post! I totally agree with you. It was brought to my attention that this happened yesterday and Jo Read, one of our Deputy Headteachers, spoke to the lunchtime staff. It seems that children were left to run around in the rain without a coat, not sensible! I do not expect this to happen again.

      I look forward to meeting you.

      Best wishes


  10. I am concerned that now the newsletter has been scrapped the blog is not being updates as often as it should be.

    There was a blog on Friday about no toys but nothing about photographs. At school this afternoon it became apparent that it was school photographs today. But no one was informed on the blog?

    Am I right in think that it was not common knowledge and that someone forgot to be add this info to the blog for all parents to be prepared?

  11. Since my child’s teacher has been changed 5 weeks into the new school year, would it be possible to set up new ‘meet the teacher’ events so that the new teachers can be introduced to parents?

  12. Hi Susan.
    Just wanted to check whether the ‘future events’ list has been posted on the blog? Can’t find it :/ !
    Thank you!

  13. After reading the News about parents smoking outside the School, why would anybody want to smoke in front of their Children anyway, lead by example behaviour breeds behaviour people, your attitude towards this fine individual is shocking, you should be all ashamed of yourselves dignity and class has clearly given you a wide birth in life, and not even knowing you i bet a lot of you are quite wide, get jobs and get a life you sad individuals.
    Clearly a school enriched with fine talent mixed with a bit of pond life.

  14. would like to say how exciting it is to see sallies class blog, thankyou , its lovley seeing all the children enjoying seeing visiting snakes and their happy faces, its good to see they truly love school x

  15. Hello Mrs Papas
    The school fair has just passed and it has been said that you would announce the winner of the weight of the cake on the blog.

    Many thanks

  16. Just like to remind people that hot dogs are on sale after school tomorrow raising money for our year 6 leavers party,, thankyou :)

  17. Hello miss papas this is Emma Scott from 5w I will like to thank you for a lovely break we have had I hope you have an epic Easter I hope you have amazing Easter eggs from Emma.

  18. Dear PTA – Summer Fair
    I would like to know if you have any stalls left available for the summer fair, wish to sell cakes.

    • Hello Lucy,

      Lovely to hear from you. I am sure that you will have a great time in your new school, don’t forget to come back and say hello!

      Hope you are having a great summer.

      Ms. Papas

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